Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life's a changin...

It is official... we are moving to South Hamilton, Massachusetts. (I have to spell check that everytime haha- seriously). Jonathan will be attentding Gordon-Conwell beginning May 23rd for a week long class. I am hunting for jobs. Sent in my first resume and cover letter last night. I would love to work close to our living quarters, considering the snow accumulation and driving hazards in the winter-spring months. BUT, we will be living within about 8 miles of the beach! I know, MA beaches are not NC beaches... but that's okay with me. If I can see, smell and feel the beach, I will be one happy camper. Another thing that excites me is the dialect, they say the word "wicked" a lot, I think that is so funny. (Wicked = really). Maine will only be 2 hrs away. NYC is only 4 hrs away which means my sister will only be 4 hrs away!!
Sarah was originally offered a position in TX but Bank of America had another plan and called her back and offered her NYC! She will be working smack dab in the middle of Manhattan! My poor parents. Currently, she's looking into living in Hoboken, NJ (Cake Boss is taped in Hoboken)!
Our last Sunday at The Journey is April 24th (Easter Sunday). Jonathan graduates from CUDS May 13th, Sarah graduates May 14th, we move out around May 20th.
So much going on... so much to do... having a great time in the process.
We know that whatever God has called us to do, we must do it... or else we will not be happy. And that is the truth.

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