Monday, June 27, 2011

Livin' on the North Shore

It has been a little over a month since we moved to the north shore of Boston. We live in a very quaint area off I-95. 40 mins north of Boston- an area also known as Cape Ann.  The big move was stressful, very stressful. It is not a drive we want to make again until it is time to move back home. We took two days to move, it was the best decision. We left Dunn at ten on Tuesday morning, spent the night in Trenton, NJ. Started the journey Wednesday morning at nine and made it to South Hamilton around four that afternoon. I'm so thankful for my dad, mom, sister and Jonathan's mom. We are so blessed to have loving and giving parents and siblings. From the start of it all to the end of the move they were there.  My parents drove the Budget truck and the rest of us took the Camry. We arrived and began to unload...the nicest couples helped lighten our burden by lending their strength. It has been the best experience moving here, the people, the weather, the lovely scenery... the list is long.

Below are a sample of pictures from the move and the fun we have had...

(Our "last supper"... Homemade fried chicken at Jonathan's Granny's.. mmmm mmmm good)

(The packing... the sorting... and lots of crying...)

(I will never look at a moving truck the same way again..
Goodbye Cole Street...)

(Hello New York!)

(Lunch in Connecticut... a "local joint"- looks horrible but it was delish)

(Welcome to our building)                                           


(The men...)

(This was the sweet plate of goodies left at our door when we came back from a day full of touring!
- Thank you Mara and Jesse)

Although we sold half our our belongings prior to the move, I haven't missed a one of them. It is faces and food that we miss most. I brought my painting supplies and my sewing machine. I see several projects in the future, especially when the winter comes.



(All the shops have window boxes with beautiful flowers)

 Below are pictures taken during Memorial Day weekend... our venture in Boston...
(Thousands of flags placed in memory of fallen soldiers from Massachusetts)

(Freedom Trail)

(We stopped to check out the break dancers at Quincy Market)

 Last weekend we ventured to Gloucester for the Dory Races- we didn't show up at the right spot, but this is what we saw instead...
(Lobster fishermen, it was so fun watching them retrieve the baskets and toss them back in)

(Row practice at Gloucester) 

(My job)

 Thank you for all of your prayers, we feel them and ask for you to continue. Stay tuned for updates...